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Northern Uganda Culture & Wildlife Midrange

  • Destination: Uganda
  • Duration: 13 days
  • Price: $2595

SURMARY OF THE TOUR Day 1: Welcome to Uganda Day 2: Head East to Sipi Falls Day 3: Waterfalls Hikes Day 4: Coffee Tour and Travel to Lira Day 5: Travel North to Kalongo Day 6: Climbing Mt. Oret or visit shea butter project Day 7: Visiting a Karamajong Manyatta Day 8: Cattle market and […]

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Day 1: Welcome to Uganda
Day 2: Head East to Sipi Falls
Day 3: Waterfalls Hikes
Day 4: Coffee Tour and Travel to Lira
Day 5: Travel North to Kalongo
Day 6: Climbing Mt. Oret or visit shea butter project
Day 7: Visiting a Karamajong Manyatta
Day 8: Cattle market and Kidepo N.P
Day 9: Safari in Kidepo
Day 10: Travel to Gulu
Day 11: Craft Co-op and murchison falls
Day 12: Wildlife by lands and by water
Day 13: Top of the fall and return to Kampala.

Off the beaten track!
Exploring the Karamajong & Acholi culture
Beautiful landscapes around Kidepo
Complete Programme
The following is an especially unique itinerary that has been developed to combine the best of the culture, wildlife and landscapes of the North of Uganda while also experiencing a bit of the eastern highlands and the savannas around Murchison Falls. We have tried to mix a range of intense and restful days. All accommodation has been chosen for its excellent value and safety.
Day 1: Welcome to Uganda
Our guide will be at Entebbe Airport to pick you up from your flight and take you to your hotel in Kampala. You will stay in a nice lodge with beautiful views over Lake Victoria. The hotel has cozy safari style furnished rooms, equipped with satellite TV, fridge bar, telephone, fan, balcony with lake-view and a comfortable bathroom. Depending on the time of your arrival, you might be able to explore some of the sights in Kampala All activities today are at your own cost.
Journey time: 1½ hour
Accommodation: Cassia Lodge

Meal Plan: No meals included
Day 2: Head East to Sipi Falls
After an early breakfast, a guide through the eastern part of Uganda brings you to beautiful Sipi Falls, on a plateau 1800m above sea level.The Sipi River flows over the foothills of Mount Elgon, forming a spectacular series of waterfalls (some nearly 100m high), surrounded by village walking trails and lush green coffee-producing hills.
You will stay in a simple, but nice self-contained cottage. From the resort you have beautiful views over the valley and one of the waterfalls.
Journey Time: 6 Hours
Accommodation: Sipi Resort

Meal Plan: Breakfast and dinner
Day 3: Waterfall Hikes.
Prepare yourself for a beautiful day in paradise. After breakfast, choose to go on a 3-hour or – for the real adventurers – 7-hour hike through the region. A local guide accompanies you on your hike to explain flora, fauna and culture.Whichever option you choose, you can be certain that you’ll pass many picturesque waterfalls, plantations and caves. Local villagers will often to greet you with “Jambo” and beaming smiles.
Accommodation: Sipi Resort

Meal Plan: Breakfast and dinner
Day 4: Coffee tour & Travel to Lira
After a rich breakfast you’ll be ready for a fantastic cultural experience surrounding coffee farming. Sipi Falls is the home of Bugisu washed arabica coffee – one of the finest coffees in the world. You have the chance to learn the process behind making this coffee while also talking to the farmers, learning about the plantations and then roasting your own coffee to take home with you.The tour starts with a walk around the local area to see the coffee plantations to learn a little about the life of a coffee plant. If you’re here during the harvesting season (usually around September) then you can also help pick and wash the coffee.
After the scented experience you’ll have a long and bumpy ride ahead of you. The duration of the drive depends on weather and road conditions and could take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. It will, however, never be boring as there are many beautiful landscapes and interesting villages that can be viewed and enjoyed during the journey.At the end of the day you will reach the pleasant town of Lira where you can relax from the road trip in a simple, but clean and comfortable accommodation.
Journey Time: 6 to 8 hours.
Accommodation: Lilian Towers.
Meal Plan: Breakfast.
Day 5: Travel North to Kalongo.
After having breakfast and a quick look around Lira, you will head towards the mountain on the horizon to the town of Kalongo. There you will have the chance to visit a famous hospital built and formerly managed by Italian Catholic missionaries.
Journey Time: 3 – 4 hours.
Accommodation: Alma Guesthouse.
Meal Plan: Breakfast

Day 6: Climb Mt Oret or Visit Shea Butter Project
Today you can choose between two exciting activities: either hike to the top of Mt Oret or take a guided visit of the Shea butter production project in the nearby town of Pader.
Shea butter is cream-colored oil extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa) and is widely used in cosmetics as a moisturizer. Shea butter is also edible and is used in food preparation in many parts of the continent. You can visit this women’s group and assist them in their daily work and learn how products are made. The Acholi people are also known for their tasty food. Women will prepare a meal for you using the Shea butter as one of the main ingredients. Of course, you can also buy some of the products to take home.
With the AVSI-trained guide you can opt to climb Mount Oret from the top of which you will have a stunning view over the vast Acholi region.
The hike will take 3 to 4 hours and a local lunch will be served at the summit. Make sure you bring good hiking shoes and sun protection.
AVSI intends to use the proceedings coming from the Escape Adventure Tours travelers to support the secondary education and vocational training of the youth in Kalongo.
Journey Time: 1 hour to Shea Project
Accommodation: Alma Guesthouse
Meal Plan: Breakfast
Day 7: Visiting a Karamajong Manyatta.
Escape Adventure Tours strives to be an innovative leader in the industry and takes its responsibility by bringing you to places where no one else will go. One of these examples is Karamoja – an arid area in northeastern Uganda inhabited by the Karamajongs. These cattle-herding natives are related to the Maasai in Kenya in their dress, language, and ways of life. The main difference between the two areas is that very few tourists visit the Ugandan side.
Today, you will have the rare chance to visit an authentic Karamajong village outside the small town of Kotido. All of this is in cooperation with the Ugandan Red Cross which has been working for many years in the region. All profits from this tour go to support the local efforts of the organization.
You will also get to visit a manyatta, the traditional home of the Karamajong. A Red Cross Volunteer will guide you in this authentic experience that will start with a prayer from the elders.
Karamajong people are not so used to interacting with tourists, so before beginning the visit we will ask you to sign the “code of conduct” with basic guidelines about how to avoid cultural interference. This will ensure a sustainable tourism model that does not corrupt local traditions and ways of life
Tourist infrastructure does not exist in Kotido. So, please be patient and do not expect the services from hotels and restaurants that you would expect in other parts of Uganda. You will spend the night at the Church of Uganda.
Journey Time: 5 to 7 hours
Accommodation: Church of Uganda
Meal Plan: Local breakfast, lunch and dinner
Day 8: Cattle Market & Kidepo National Park.
The Karamojong are the most distinctive group in northeast Uganda and known primarily for their love of cattle and cattle rustling and their resistance to modern civilization.
If you can plan your tour to arrive in Kotido on a Wednesday you’ll have the chance to experience an authentic Karamajong cattle market. Some herders walk for 5 hours to be able to buy or sell their goats, cows or chicken here. It’s a colorful and stunning sight and one of the few remaining authentic experiences. After this thrilling experience is time to enter into the most remote and pristine national park in the country and stay in a nice semi-luxury lodge which will be a welcome change from the past few nights.
Journey time: 5 hours
Accommodation: Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp

Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Day 9: Safari in Kidepo
Kidepo Valley National Park has some of the most amazing scenery in the country. For many people this is the most beautiful park of Uganda. Here you will find almost no tourists leaving you free to enjoy the park and its unique combination of wildlife without distraction. In Kidepo you will find zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions, leopards and this is the only place in Uganda where you can find the cheetah and ostrich.
Kidepo is famous for its lions relaxing on the rocks – a scene which may remind you of a certain Disney film. You might even be very lucky to spot a leopard or cheetah. Besides the 4×4 safaris you can also take a bush walk in the park with an armed ranger.
Accommodation: Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp

Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Day 10: Travel to Gulu
Today you will face a long, bumpy and dusty drive to the sizeable town of Gulu, so get ready for the “African Massage”
We don’t have any activities planned today as we expect you will want to rest after a tiresome day. It is possible, however, to have a stroll around this “wild wild west” town of the north.
You will stay in a comfortable hotel with air-conditioned rooms.
Journey Time: 7 – 10 hours
Accommodation: Churchill Courts

Meal Plan: Breakfast
Days 11: Crafts Co-op & Murchison Falls
After an early breakfast you will visit the The Wawoto Kacel Cooperative – a social arts & crafts centre created in 1997 with the help of the NGO Camboni Samaritans.
In the morning, you can follow one of two hands-on workshops: either African jewelry or banana fiber postcard. The workshops will be guided by the women themselves and you can keep your own creations. After the workshop you are welcome to visit their gift shop, to see if there is anything interesting to bring back home.
After this wonderful experience, you will sit down for lunch and then continue your journey to Murchison Falls National Park – Uganda’s largest and oldest conservation area.
You will be staying at a great mid-range lodge just outside the park where you can relax the rest of your day. The lodge is built in the style of the old forts and offers great service and a nice view over the River Nile.
Journey Time: 3 hours
Accommodation: Fort Murchison

Meal Plan: Breakfast and dinner
Day 12: Wildlife by land and by water
This morning, you get up for an early breakfast and then you go for your first game drive through the park. You will be eye-to-eye with the African animal kingdom: elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, lions, leopards, different species of antelope and many tropical birds. They are all there.
In the afternoon, you take a boat safari towards the base of Murchison Falls. Carefully watched by crocodiles, hundreds of hippos, buffaloes, water birds, monkeys and all the other thirsty wildlife that the Nile attracts, your boat will arrive to the bottom of the 43-meter-high Murchison Falls, which approaches you with a thunderous sound. Your guide will be able to point out the famous spot where Hemingway’s plane went down.
Accommodation: Fort Murchison

Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Day 13: Top of the Falls & Return to Kampala.
After an early breakfast and picking up a packed lunch, you will stop at the top of the Waterfall on the way out of the park. See where the world’s longest river explodes violently through a narrow cleft in the Rift Valley escarpment to plunge into a frothing pool 43m below.
From here you drive back to Kampala. Your guide drops you at your accommodation in Kampala (accommodation not included, but we would be happy to make a booking for you).
Journey Time: 7 hours
Accommodation: Not included
Meal Plan: Breakfast and packed lunch
Number of pax                                           Rates per person.
2 pax                                                                     usd 2595
4 and more                                                           usd 2295.

This is the end of what we hope has been a fabulous trip.
Webale Nyo (Thank you)
Not ready to go home yet and you want to explore East Africa a bit more? Want to add another activity or side trip to this itinerary? Do not hesitate to contact us for extensions to Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar via info@escapeadventuretoursug.com .

“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment” – Hilaire Belloc