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Migration Tour

  • Destination: Tanzania
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Price: $3255

Highlights Annual migration of 2m ungulates in Serengeti N.P. Three full days Serengeti N.P. Five of Tanzania’s National Parks. INTRODUCTION Escape adventure tours proudly presents this 12 –day tour visiting five of Tanzania’s National Parks with a special focus on the migration in the Serengeti experience a distinctive combination of culture, stunning nature an exceptional […]

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Annual migration of 2m ungulates in Serengeti N.P.

Three full days Serengeti N.P.

Five of Tanzania’s National Parks.


Escape adventure tours proudly presents this 12 –day tour visiting five of Tanzania’s National Parks with a special focus on the migration in the Serengeti experience a distinctive combination of culture, stunning nature an exceptional variety of wild life all while staying in mid-range and semi-luxury accommodation.

Serengeti N.P is perhaps the most famous game reserve in the world because of its huge population of predators and especially the annual migration of 2,000,000 ungulates.  Most of the world famous nature documentaries like planet Earth and great migration are filmed here.

Travel with escape adventure tours and see the amazing migration with your own eye.


DAY1: Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport, Tanzania.

DAY2: Walking –safari and game drive in Arusha N.P.

DAY 3: Game drive in Lake Manyara N.P or in Tarangire N.P

DAY 4: To Lake Natron N.P.

DAY 5: Lake walk and visit to a Masai village and water fall like all at lake Nation N.P.

DAY 6: Arrival in the Serengeti, game drive en-route to Seronera valley.

DAY 7: Searching for the number one wildlife spectacle migration.

DAY 8: Migration

DAY 9: Game drive in the Serengeti N.P

DAY 10: Game drive in the Ngorongoro Crater.

DAY 11: To Arusha and suye hill walk

DAY 12:  Airport transfer or extension of your holiday to Rwanda , Uganda.


Because of the rainy season, this tour is not offered in the months of April and May each year.





Your driver/guide will pick you up from Kilimanjaro airport and transfer you to Iboru Safari Lodge and pleasant place with a beautiful garden and swimming pool.

Harmoniously woven into the surrounding African landscape, Iboru Safari lodge rests at the base of the majestic Mt. Meru.


Journey time:      45 minutes

Accommodation:  Iboru Safari lodge.

Meal plan:            No Meals inclusive today.


After a tasty breakfast you will be picked from the lodge. An hour’s drive will take you to Arusha N.P.  A small but beautiful park offering a wide variety of spectular landscapes at the foot of Mt. Meru.  The fifth-highest peak in Africa dominates at park’s horizon.

Arusha N.P is special because it is one of the few parks in Tanzania where you have the opportunity to do Safari on foot.  This opportunity to get down to ground level with the animals is something that should not be missed.

The walking Safari takes 2-3 hrs during which you cross the Jekukumia River and visit a beautiful waterfall where you can take a refreshing shower.  The shadowy mountain forest is inhabited by inquisitive blue monkeys, many colorful birds and is the only place on the northern safari circuit where the acrobatic black and white colobus monkey is quite easily seen.  Also on this walk, you have a chance to spot Zebra, buffalo, bush-buck and water buck.

It is very exciting to approach animals on foot and totally a different experience than game-viewing by car. The guide stops regularly, not merely pointing and naming but telling you about birds, insects, trees, animal droppings, the medicinal use of plants and which animals eat which plants.

Lunch will be at a quaint picnic spot and then in the afternoon, you continue your Safari by vehicle.  During the game drive you pass the tranquil beauty of the momella lakes which are tinged pink between May and October with thousands of lesser and greater flamingos and many other migrate birds.  Giraffes glide across the grassy hills between grazing zebra herds.  While pairs of wide-eyed dik-dik dart into scrubby bush like over grown hares on spindly legs.

At sunset, you will return to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

 Journey time:      1 hr each way

Accommodation:  Iboru Safari lodge, private bungalow

Meal plan:            Breakfast and parked lunch.


Today after an early breakfast will be travelling to the first national park of this trip = lake Manyara National park.

On arrival you will stretch your legs during a 2-3 hour village walk in cozy “mto wa mbu”.  Here you will be meeting the local people (community), taste homemade banana beer, learn about the Makonde wood carvings and listen to your guide who will tell you everything about the way of living in this village.

After the village walk, you will have a local lunch.  Together with the highly respected miss bibi you prepare a delicious Swahili meal.

In the afternoon you enter Lake Manyara N.P.  This is a small but very beautiful park offering breathtaking views, excellent game viewing and incredible array of birdlife you have a chance to spot Zebra, baboon, warthog, giraffe, impala, elephant, hippo, wildebeast and the rare tree climbing lions.

Your accommodation for tonight is Manyara wildlife Safari Camp.  Take a refreshing dip in the inviting outdoor pool and enjoy the fantastic sunset with a cold drink on the veranda.

 Journey time:      2 hrs into Wambu

Accommodation:  Manyara wildlife safari camp..

Meal plan:            Breakfast,local lunch and dinner.


Today after an early breakfast you will be travelling to the first national park of this trip: Tarangire National park.  The game drive can begin.

Tarangire is best known for its many gigantic baobab trees and its large herds of elephants, it is a home to approximately 2,500 individuals and large herds are regularly viewed. You can also spot many different animals like leopards, zebra, impala, warthog, eland, buffalo, waterbuck and lion.  Also the birders will have so much to see; more than 500 different bird species are present. This park hosts the biggest concentration of wildlife outside the Serengeti. It is also the only place in Tanzania where the Oryx and gerenuk are regularly spotted.

Your driver/guide will have a lunch – box for you so you can picnic at a beautiful spot in the park after which your safari continues.  At the end of the safari, you head for the Tarangire Safari Lodge built on the top of a high ridge with a breath –taking panorama over the park.

Journey time:      2 hrs to the park entrance

Accommodation:  Tarangire Safari lodge.

Meal plan:            Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner.


Today you will be travelling to lake Natron National park, adrive of about 4-5 hrs on adusty, bumpy road.  During the drive you can see many Maasai villages, termite Mounds, gazelle, giraffe, zebra, baboons, bee boxes and birds such as vulture, ostrich, starling, Kory bustard and kite.

Wild and remote lake Natron lies at the lowest point of the rift valley in the northeast of Tanzania between the Ngorongoro highlands and the Serengeti Plain. It is situated at the base of Tanzania’s only active volcano oldonyo L’engai (The mountain of God)

Around Lake Natron it is the landscape rather than the animals that is the attraction, the climate is dry, desolate and dramatically beautiful. This national park is visited by few tourists and will certainly intrique you as well as captivate your imagination  with its wild, Natural splendor.

Your accommodation for tonight is Lake Natron tented camp. Unique in its setting, Lake Natron camp is set back in a grove of tree slightly removed from the dusty terrain of the lake. A framed safari tent offers comfortable beds, a shower and a verandah with views of the incredible landscape. It fully stocked bar and restaurant ensure you have a cold drink and a good meal at the end of the day.

 Journey time        :         4.5 hour

Accommodation   :        Lake Natron Tented camp

Meal plan             :        Breakfast, Lunch and dinner


In the very early morning before it’s getting too hot. You depart accompanied by a Masai-guide for 3-4hrs walk to lake Natron . The walk goes through Ngare sero village where you see how the local Masai community lives. The Lake Natron area belongs to the Maasai and it is very impressive to see them living and working with their cattle in such extreme temperatures and barren soils.

During the walk you have magnificent views of the active oldongole’ngai volcano and Lake Natron.

As to game viewing you may expect to see species such as gerenuk, kudu and Oryx. Lake Natron is the most important breading ground up to two million of lesser flamingos.

The breeding season stretches from September to march with a peak from October to December during which time they cover the Lake. After viewing the Lake and Birdlife you walk back to the camp.

After lunch and a few hours of rest, you will have a walk to the pretty, Ngare Sero waterfalls accompanies by a Maasai guide. This adventurous walk can only be recommended to reasonably fit and agile travelers.

The walk to the First Waterfall is quite difficult as there is no clear foot part through the yorge and you need to wade across the river several times. Also expect to do some walking along ledges clambering over rocks.

After viewing the first waterfall the walk continues for another 20 minutes until you reach the second waterfall. Here you will have the opportunity to jump into the natural chilly swimming pool and freshen up.

Back at lodge you can enjoy beautiful starry sky and a delicious dinner.

Accommodation   :        Lake Natron Tented camp

Meal plan             :        Breakfast, lunch and dinner


After breakfast, you depart for the most famous safari park in the world: the Serengeti.

You drive along a bumpy and dusty road where many Masai villages can be seen. After 5-6 hours you reach the gate of the park and then you game drive about 3 hours towards your accommodation.

The Serengeti hosts the most extensive population of wild animals on earth and has a complex and untouched ecosystem. Serengeti means” endless plains” in the language of the Masai, description that Serengeti completely lives up to. These endless plains have to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

You visit the heart of the Serengeti, Seronera valley. This valley might be termed as the classic Serengeti short grass plains with all different kind of wild animals ranging from the impressive lion to the naughty mongoose.

After the incredible impressions of the Serengeti, you head to your accommodation for a delicious dinner and a good sleep. For the first night in the Serengeti you stay at Nasikia Central camp. The camp provides the great outdoors. While retaining the coziness of a warm bed, a hot shower gratifying cuisine and welcoming team.

Journey time        :        5-6 hours to the park entrance

Accommodation   :        Nasikia Central Camp, Semi – permanent tent

Meal plan             :        Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner


After breakfast you go deeper into the Serengeti in search of the migration. The great wildebeast migration is one of the “new 7 wonders of the world. Nowhere in the world there is a movement of animals as immense as this?

The principle players are the wildebeast, followed by Thomson’s gazelle Zebra and eland. The lion, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs and lesser predators await the annual coming of the migration with eager anticipation.

The annual 800-km Journey is a cyclical pilgrimage which has no real beginning or end. The precise timing of the migrations changes annually and is an unpredictable and spontaneous natural event depending mainly on the rainfall pattern of each year. Because of the global climate changes, the annual pattern changes but a general trend can be observed.

Below is an overview of the various semi- luxury accommodations used in the Serengeti during the different period of the year

 Period s      day 7 and day 9 accommodation

January to march          :        Ndutu safari lodge

June and July                :        Mbalageti Lodge room

August to October         :        lobo wild life lodge

November                      :        Osupuka

December                      :        Ndutu safari lodge

In June / July you stay in a lodge room in Mbalageti. You can upgrade to attended chalet at extra cost. Please ask us about the Surcharge

Journey time        :        Dependant on the migration period

Accommodation   :        Dependant on the Migration period

Meal plan             :        Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner


Another day completely dedicated to the great migration. With your packed lunch in hand you drive out to find the migrators. There is plenty of time to take in this impressive spectacle. The safari will be completed b also looking for hungry predators like lions, hyenas, leopards looking for and cheetahs that move along with the herd hoping to fill their stomachs

Accommodation   :        Dependant on migration (see day 7)

Meal plan             :        Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner


After an early breakfast, you visit the migration one more time on your way out of the beautiful Serengeti.

Tonight you will stay at a lodge with comfortable rooms situated around a verdant courtyard. Here you will get a good meal and nights’ sleep because tomorrow you will be exploring another amazing natural wonder.

Accommodation   :        Country Inn Lodge

Meal plan             :        Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner


In the morning, you will have a game drive in the Ngorongoro crater.

As the UNESCO world heritage site the crater offers a distinctive biosphere which has remained virtually unchanged since the down of time. There are very few places in the world where you can find such a large population of wildlife throughout the year. Deep within the crater, enclosed by towering walls, you have a good chance of spotting. The big 5 lion, elephant, buffalo rhino and leopard. For the latter two you need a bit of luck as they tend to shy away. Approximately 30,000 animals live on the crater floor.

After this great experience you drive back to country inn lodge where you have some time to relax and enjoy the swimming pool.

Accommodation   : Country inn lodge

Meal plan             : breakfast, packed lunch and dinner


After a relaxed breakfast, you head to Karama lodges in Arusha.

Just above karama lodge you will find suye hill forest reserve, a protected area of indigenous forest. Karamu lodge assists the Arusha municipal council in the protection of this area by sponsoring anti-pouching rangers, ensuring that this natural beauty is a around for years to come.

In the afternoon, you take a short walk to the top of suye Hill (about 30-40 minutes) through the forest reserve and further down to Kimandolu village. Many species of birds can be seen and occasionally small animals like dik-diks (small antelope), Squirrels, guinea fowls and monkeys.

You stay in the eco-friendly Karama lodge and Spa. Just outside Arusha town From which you can enjoy views of mount Kilimanjaro on clear days.

Journey time:      2 hours

Accommodation: Karama lodge and spa

Meal plan:            breakfast, packed lunch and dinner.



Today is unfortunately the last day of your trip with escape adventure tours.

Depending on the time your flight departs. There might be some time left today to take a drive inthe pool havea msg or take ayoya class. All activates today are at your own expense.

Your driver/ guide will take care of your transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport. If you are ready to go home, you can continue your holiday in Rwanda, Uganda or on the Island of Zanzibar with escape adventure tours.

 Journey      :        1 hour

Meal plan   :        Breakfast