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The source of river Nile

Jinja is by no double the adventure capital of East Africa.  Any visitors planning adventurous trip in Uganda must consider Jinja before any other place in Uganda with the existence of the source of the Nile. The Nile is a major north flowing river in northeastern Africa, generally regarded as the longest fresh water river in the world.  It is 6,650km long.


John speak was the first European explorer to discover the source of the Nile  spot (source) starts its journey from lake Victoria waters with a spring of water coiling calming and flows for three month to reach its destination in the Mediterranean sea.  Along the way the Nile waters increases its intensity as it flows over several undulating rocks, squeezing through gorges and negotiating around numerous small islands ploughing into a multitude of rapids forming a service of astonishing water falls among the prominent ones is Bujagali falls and Itanda falls popular for the white water, Rafting, kayaking and many other water adventures.

Along the way still in Uganda it divides its self into white Nile and blue Nile which later join together  to end up in the Mediterranean sea.  These waters combines with the lush vegetation along the shores forming magnificent views of islands and peninsulas, which are now home to several bird species.  The cool weather spices it up to create a fascinating scenery that feels almost spiritual to be amidst.

When you take a cruise boat on a wonderful sunny day you will get a life time experience looking at the lifetime experience looking at the gushing white waters, you will see birds floating across the Nile from the surroundings, you will be mesmerized by the fishermen spreading their nets as they wave to you, above all smelling the sweet scents emitted from the surroundings plants is so fulfilling.


Length: 4,132 miles (6,650km)

Discharge: 99,946ft 3/5 (2,830 m3/s)

Mouth: Mediterranean Sea

Sources: White Nile, Blue Nile

Cities: Starts in Jinja, Juba, Khartoum and finally Cairo