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Standing as one of the Victoria age geographical mysteries, the source of the Nile indistinctly alluded in Ptolemy’s antique writing. Many explorers that were searching for the Biblical Nile source with various expeditions were encouraged by this. The well known and recognized source of the Nile lies in Uganda at Jinja despite all the rising controversies. John Speke was the first European to see and confirm the Source of the Nile’s presence in Jinja. The Busoga and Buganda kingdoms also knew the Nile.

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The Lake Victoria originating River Nile, is third largest and the second longest in the world. The almost 6400km long Nile’s banks, is where evolution began. Besides being a world class tourist’s attraction because of its high rapid grades, the river discharges an average 3.1  million litres or 680,000 gallons of water per second with white water rafting and kayaking activities at Itanda falls.

Many countries up to date still debate that the source of the Nile is in their respective countries each claiming that they posses it. However, Lake Victoria still remains the only bearer of the source of the Nile from which the spectacular and exciting 6400 kilometer voyage of the Nile begins. The visit to the Nile is thrilling. You can enjoy fabulous white water rafts all year round and also do some game fishing among many other activities. The world’s second longest River, in the escarpment of the Rift, erupts all the way through a thin crack to form the Murchison Falls which are the crowning beauty of Nile.

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