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Ngamba Chimpanzee Island

Following the continuous hunting of chimpanzees by the natives of Congo and Uganda.  Ngamba island sanctuary project was then established in the lake 90s by members of local and international organizations to provide a safe home to orphaned and rescued chimpanzee.

Chimpanzees that were rescued by the Uganda wildlife authority (UWA) from poachers and because they were unwilling to survive if reintroduced back into their natural habitats Ngamba island is thus used to provide safety and care to them.

Ngamba Island has over the years being developed and not any provides a safe haven for the vulnerable chimpanzees.  It has created and opportunity for a memorable chimp experiences.

It is open to visitors all over the world all year round and has become one of the must visit adventure destination in Uganda.

You will experience a lovely moment and an amazing gesture as the chmps raise their arms to ash for food from those serving them.  You can also get a chance of feeding chimps as a visitor/volunteer and this is a life time opportunity to get close to the 89.7% genetically close to human they will show all possible human being signs if they are dissatisfied or if some have missed out on food.

The chimps are very bright that they even know the times of feeding that by 11:00am and 2:30p.m. they will gather the feeding area and make some noise, if  the responsible people are late in one way or another after feeding they will choose to stay or walk back to the forest for relaxation or to play.

You will also have a better viewing pint as all of the viewing points are raised to enable visitors take memorable pictures. The island has got well-furnished tents for volunteers and those who wish to stay longer around on the different exercises.