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Lake Bunyonyi-Kabale

Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale district western Uganda is believed to be the second deepest lake in Africa with its deepest end approximately 900m.  It is 24 km kilometers long and 7km wide covering an area of 61 square kilometers.


The lake is harbour of 29 islands and the most prominent of these islands include;

The Akampere Island (locally meaning the punishment Island).  True to that in the early years the Bakiga community uses to punish girls who got pregnant before marriage by leaving them on the Akampere Island so that they would die of hunger or drown if they tried to swim back.  However these girls if lucky would be rescued by poor men who did not have bride price to get the girls on the mainland.

The others are Kyahuge Island, Njuyeera, Bushara, Bwama and Buchwanuka

Similar to Switzerland the islands combine with the high altitude, moderate temperatures, highly terraced green lands to form a fascinating and magnificent scenery and  an awesome experience.

The term Bunyonyi literary means small/little birds” and this due to the several birds species at this lake. The most prominent species include the grey crowned cranes, water birds, and herons.