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Jinja town lies along the shores of Lake Victoria and River Nile, Africa’s longest river, 80km east of Kampala city. The town has got much to offer for visitors and it is popularly referred to as the East Africa Adventure Capital, because of the many activities and attractions this old town is endowed with.Top attractions here include:

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The Source of the Nile

Jinja marks the point where Africa’s longest River Nile, starts its 6,400km journey to the north via Sudan & Egypt up to the Medditerrian Sea. It is worth paying a visit if you consider how many years it took John Speke to explore the Source of Nile. The spot also boasts the Mahatma Gandhi monument, and important shrine visited by Indian communities in Uganda. Gandhi’s ashes were scattered through the Nile from the same place. On the western banks of the Nile, lies the Speke monument, the point where John Hannington Speke stood to watch the Nile on 28 July 1862.

Itanda Falls

Jinja has some of the world’s best white water rafting all year round at the point called the Itanda falls, situated 15km from the town centre. Itanda falls boasts several campsites for rafters and visitors.

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The Owen falls Dam 831m long and 31m high dam was constructed in 1954. It is the major source electricity in Uganda. Coming from Kampala, the dam forms a spectacular gateway to Jinja town.  As you cross the bridge, look down on the raging river below (Nile).

The mighty river Nile in Jinja offering the best white water rafting in the world and other activities like Kayaking, Bungee jumping, Quad biking along the Nile, Horse riding along the Nile, Fishing, Sunset cruises among others.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We donate 15% of our revenue to Trinity Care Foundation Uganda. it's a registered charity that helps the underprivileged families and is based in Jinja. It is focusing on (mainly) children who are orphaned, Widows, the Elderly, vulnerable, the people with disabilities. Learn more...