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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is situated in South Western Uganda.  Bwindi Forest Park is home to over half of the world’s remaining Mountain Gorillas and gorilla tracking is the main reason for one to visit Bwindi. More than 300 gorillas are staying in Bwindi in the different gorilla families. Home to over half  the worlds population.

The word Bwindi is in Lukiga and it means darkness . While on a day hike in the marvelous forest of Bwindi  you will be able to know why it got the name Bwindi. As you think of taking the Gorilla tour to Bwindi make sure that you are physically fit , in good health and you have enough energy since the  gorilla tracking experience in this Impenetrable forest involves steep climbing.

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A part from mountain gorilla trips in Bwindi, the park is a home of about 346 birds species and over 200 butterflies of different types.  There are 324 tree species here, 10 of which are found nowhere else in Uganda and some are medicinal trees.  This is truly a safari destination to Adventure and explore.  Since the mountain gorillas in this forest are among the few remaining in the world and they are habituated. One must have a gorilla tracking permit to track gorillas

A Uganda Gorilla Safari at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is the highlight of tourists who come to Uganda among other destinations. Besides that, Uganda is a beautiful and safe country where one can track mountain gorillas in their peaceful and natural environment.

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Tips on Gorilla Tracking by UWA

  • Always maintain your voice low or remain quiet as you track. You will hear and view the gorillas if you follow that.
  • Don’t move less than 7m or 21 feet close to the gorillas
  • Don’t wave or even point at the gorillas as they may consider that a threat.
  • If approached by the giant gorillas, slowly move back from them to maintain a 5m separation.
  • Never use flashes when taking photos. This may greatly threaten the gorillas.
  • The maximum time visitors are allowed to spend with the gorillas is one hour to limit their disturbance.
  • A maximum number of 8 people may visit a group of habituated gorillas in a day to limit their behaviour disturbance and risk to exposure to human borne diseases.

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