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Escape Adventure Tours specializes in safaris in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Zanzibar. Thanks to our experience and dedicated personnel based in Uganda. We are able to tailor-make trips down to the very last detail. We are represented on SafariBookings.com and it’s no wonder travellers from around the world prefer our services.

Mission statements

Most of the companies have a mission statement for many, they are just words. Read below to see how Escape Adventure Tours ltd lives and breathes its mission statement.

-         Quality of the product and valve for money.

-         Responsibility and accountability.

-         Fun and Adventure.

-         Integrity and Honesty.

-         Service Excellence and Efficiency.

-          Employment and opportunity.


Our Goal.

Escape Adventure Tours is committed to offer reliable services to all our costumers. One of the greatest assets is our highly experienced and fun loving guides, true professionals, who know every bend in adventure, their knowledge of tourism will keep you smiling and laughing all day. The trip will leave you astounded but it is the guides you will remember.


Carbon dioxide is one of the main green house gases responsible for global warming.  During photosynthesis carbon is absorbed from the atmosphere reducing the unnaturally levels that mankind caused .The planting of the trees and vegetation is basically the only way to offset carbon dioxide.

Escape Adventure Tours has developed GEAF to allow clients travel responsibly in East Africa and offset the carbon dioxide footprint that is created through the fuel consumption on tours. One of the best plants when it comes to carbon dioxide absorption is elephant’s food as its known {spekboom}.


IS an evergreen succulent that can reach a height of 2.5 m and native to the arid of east Africa near National parks? It can store 20 kg of carbon dioxide in every square meter of vegetation or 200 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare _ roughly the same as what is absorbed by a moist, sub tropical forest of the same size.  That’s equivalent to taking 37 cars off the road for a year since most dry land areas similar to the serious store less than 50 metric tons of carbon dioxide per hectare and deciduous forests are estimated to store 120 metric tons future carbon dioxide _ capture trading markets in arid regions. The use of spekboom delivers the most valves for money in carbon dioxide capturing terms and it also has the most significant ecological benefits in terms of replenishing degraded areas. Unlike many arid plants, when soils are dry, spekboom can switch from the photosynthesis process that most plants in the world use to a less common and water- conserving photosynthesis pathway called “ CAM” . Because of this, the carbon dioxide sequestration process in the plant is highly efficient for its environment allowing it to thrive on only 10 – 11 inches {250- 350 mm} of rain a year.

Researchers also believed spekboom’s umbrella – shaped canopy allows organic materials to accumulate at the base of the shrubs, improving the water- holding capacity of the soil below.


                              You can choose to offset the carbon dioxide created on your tour in full or 50% therefore by simply ticking box or include it our question form on your booking form or by letting your agent know. For example for small contribution. You can let us offset your carbon dioxide footprint of a 15 to 20 days‘s trip. All the funds that are collected are administered by the GEAF who will manage the project in conjunction with East African National parks as well as the department of water affairs. This project will benefit the ecological zones, the communities that are employed due to it as well as the global climate. Once you have bought your contribution, you will receive a certificate providing you with all the details of the project as well as contact details should you wish to receive further information?


             OUR APPROACH.

In deciding how to proceed with the vision of the GEAF we had to determine how we were going to approach the multitude of challenges facing East Africa every day. We came up with these guiding principles


Today we have been able to see positive results in our efforts and approach. Our continuing aim is to obtain funding from players in the industry and other related sectors in order to help and protect the very people, places and animals that these parties earn their living from  as such we are able to provide focused and specific help a cross these three fronts. Through this we have been able to effect real change by ensuring funding is spent in such a way so as to create permanent and long lasting benefits to our beneficiaries.


Many organization focuses on uplifting through modernization, Education and the like. While these are noble efforts we believe without jobs these drive are bound to fail . And so it is that we continue to focus heavily on job creation and skills development. we also target basic human needs like food , shelter and health care which east Africa , are all too often found wanting . Another focus on our drive is to continue to support and help uplift rural communities as we believe that the source of many of the problems facing east Africa lie in the challenges facing these rural areas. Aside from funding projects undertaken by our beneficiaries in these rural communities, The GEAF, through our planting partners creates long term employment for the communities near the planting sites.


Instead of the sole focus being on only the remote wild lands of East Africa. We tend to focus more on the urban environments and their immediate surroundings. Areas of successful tourism operations are for the most part already protected by their position in the spotlight. It is the lesser known places of east Africa that often need the greatest help and exposure.  We believe that diversity should remain one of the most treasured characteristics of this beautiful planet.


Again, a huge amount of focus is already placed on the select of few animals that generate the most interests. Although we are involved in anti-poaching initiatives and the protection of these creatures , Our objective is also to assist with some of the lesser known animals in dire need of help . our intention is to get involved in the breeding programs and relocation of these species to their natural habitats and to restore these various regions to their former glory one way we have been able to contribute to habitat restoration is through   Greener East African Foundation (GEAF) for more contact us on greener.eastafrica@hotmail.com. sharing is caring. As a beautiful tour with many various impressions, comfortable accommodations and more highlights is our goal.

                   We are looking forward to show you real adventure.

Webale Nyo

Corporate Social Responsibility

We donate 15% of our revenue to Trinity Care Foundation Uganda. it's a registered charity that helps the underprivileged families and is based in Jinja. It is focusing on (mainly) children who are orphaned, Widows, the Elderly, vulnerable, the people with disabilities. Learn more...