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Tanzania is a land of boundless and fascinating diversity. Being half the size of Western Europe, it has more surface water than any other African country, and it also has the highest and the lowest points of the continent: Mount Kilimanjaro – “The Root of Africa” – at 5.896 metres above sea level and the bottom of Lake Tanganyika at 358 metres below sea level. 25% of the country is made up with National Parks, with the world largest game reserve (Selous) and the greatest concentration of wildlife to be found anywhere.


Quick Facts about Tanzania

Capital City: Dar es Salaam

Total Area: 943,000 sq km

Population: 33 million people (2005)

Languages : English and Swahili

Religions: Christians 40% to 45%, Moslems 35% to 40%, traditional beliefs are also important.

Government: Republic

Currency: Tanzania Shillings (Tsh)

Corporate Social Responsibility

We donate 15% of our revenue to Trinity Care Foundation Uganda. it's a registered charity that helps the underprivileged families and is based in Jinja. It is focusing on (mainly) children who are orphaned, Widows, the Elderly, vulnerable, the people with disabilities. Learn more...